Waste plastic recycling technology



Reference flow in the MFA for which is suitable the technology

Waste plastic (070213)

Incoming input

Granulated or shredded waste plastic.

Outgoing output

Fences, outdoor building blocks, garden accessories from recycled plastic.

Technology description

No data available. We should discuss it with the head of the company but it seems the technology is secret.

Organizative processes to support closing the loops

The waste plastic could be a cheap resource for the Hungarian recycling company. The waste's PVC content is not problem, because they also put PVC in to the product. At this moment the company is producing only dark product because they have dark materials, but this waste plastic is light skin-color, so out of their granulates they could produce lighter products.

Practitioners opinion

The product what might be created out of the analyzed waste stream is a great option for the Products are long-life and washable. They resist the weather, moisture, rust and UV-radiation. They keep parasites and molds away. The surface of the product is not homogeneous and may have minor spots other than base color.

Possible limiting factors

The waste plastic is generated a large amount (4200 tons/year) – in all the attempts this was a hindering issue. Waste plastic has to be available permanently for the processing.

PP’s opinion of the technology

No data available.

Concept and conclusions how the technology can affect the CE effect

Instead of the incineration (energy recovery), we can move on to the waste hierarchy (recycling). If this industrial symbiosis is realized, less primary resources will be used, so the waste and costs will be reduced. The company could even extend their product portfolio with lighter colored products.

Is the technology a BAT?

No data available. We do not know the detailed technological process.

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