Returnable packaging



Reference flow in the MFA for which is suitable the technology

1501 - Packaging waste from non-domestic users (NDU)

Short Description

Returnable packaging are sent to the upstream supplier in order to be reused for the transport of the same typology items.

Organizative processes to support closing the loops

Strong commitment along the value chain of the products by the stakeholders; initial investment for the production of long term packaging products

Practitioners opinion

According to some experiences, the potential reduction of waste from a productive site reaches 30% (in mass) – independently from the productivity (of final goods) of the site. It requires long timespan (for example 5 years) to completely implement the system. The optimization of the logistic means optimization of the items stock and less time for pack / unpack the pieces. 

Possible limiting factors

Time-consuming solution, requiring fertile and open-minded entrepreneur people; hard to share with SMEs

PP’s opinion of the technology

It is an inspiring solution, but it goes beyond the timeframe of the project and the commitment of the value chain is an important challenge, above all in a economic fabric composed by SMEs.

Concept and conclusions how the technology can affect the CE effect

The solution can save resources and energy for newer packaging products; it is a complementary solution with the previous ones.

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