Improve waste packaging management



Reference flow in the MFA for which is suitable the technology

Packaging waste from non-domestic users (NDU)

Short Description

Improve waste packaging management at productive site

Organizative processes to support closing the loops

By scheduling meeting and interviews, the development of the project is ensured. App software for mobile phone can support the implementation of the strategy, by making the dialog easier between companies and waste collector.

Practitioners opinion

Potentially waste of time with no immediate economic benefits. A long term solution should be directed to reciprocal (both waste producer and waste collector) benefits. Through punctual meeting and direct communication (App) the logistic of the waste collection is enhanced (more detailed knowledge of user’s needs, production, segregation ability).

Possible limiting factors

Number of possible stakeholder. efficacy in communication strategy and accession of the entire workforce operators. Need to logistic changes of company procedures.

PP’s opinion of the technology

The EWC 1501 group has potentially great improvement gap (higher separate collection rates), due to not optimized procedures within the industrial gates  overused of EWC 150106 “mixed waste” with downstream difficulties in recycling.

Concept and conclusions how the technology can affect the CE effect

Described actions should improve the separate collection of packaging waste generated by non-domestic users; since those flows have been studied less than those generated by households and they could be potentially of higher quality, the overall separate collection and the recycling rates are expected to improve.

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