Reusing of packaging to contain other waste generated on-site



Reference flow in the MFA for which is suitable the technology

Packaging waste from non-domestic users (NDU)

Short Description

Packaging waste from non-domestic users (NDU) is re-used to contain other residues or wastes

Organizative processes to support closing the loops


Practitioners opinion


Possible limiting factors

Some applicability restrictions derive from the risk of contamination of the waste posed by the reused packaging.

PP’s opinion of the technology

To face contamination risk the operators should be trained. One-to-one solution requires support and time-consuming consultation.

Concept and conclusions how the technology can affect the CE effect

In some case the packaging waste can be exploited as waste container. In this case analysis and specific assessment are required and could be complementary to the other solutions. The actual implementation is rare.

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Reference BAT conclusion:
enviroment care

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